With the advent of the "0 sugar" era, milk drinks, tea drinks, bubble drinks... Are all controlling sugar!

It is said that the body is the capital of the revolution. Now people pay more and more attention to health problems, and the first is, of course, healthy diet. In view of this, many brands have begun to create a healthy diet for young people. In the beverage industry, sugar free has become a new outlet, behind which is the new demand of "not only having fun, but also being healthy and not fat".

According to the global diabetes report released by WHO, the number of diabetic patients in the world has reached more than 400 million, and the main reason is undoubtedly sugar. Seeing the grim figures, some governments have accelerated the introduction of sugar control measures, and some beverage enterprises have quickly adjusted their product formulas and embarked on the development route of reducing sugar. The concept of abstaining from sugar and cutting off sugar makes some consumers consciously reduce sugar intake. Sugar free drinks also occupy many people's refrigerators and taste buds by taking advantage of this trend. For the beverage industry, sugar reduction brings new development opportunities. Data show that nearly 60% of Chinese consumers have purchased sugar free beverages, and their sales in 2019 increased by more than 10% year-on-year, much higher than the overall growth rate of beverages. On an e-commerce platform, the sales of sugar free drinks in May 2020 reached 59 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 210%. The increasing market penetration of sugar free drinks has given birth to a huge market scale and considerable market prospects. Enterprises that have always been sensitive to the market will not miss this new outlet. Adjusting the formula and actively adapting to consumers' tastes, beverage enterprises have launched sugar free products one after another.


Ten billion sugar free tea market

Since xurisheng created the first brand-new concept of "iced tea" in 1993, China's tea beverage market has developed rapidly and has become one of the three categories of soft drinks. From 2014 to 2019, the scale of China's tea beverage market has increased from 65.3 billion yuan to 78.7 billion yuan, of which sugar free tea beverage has increased rapidly. With the continuous enhancement of consumers' health concept, consumers' demands for tea drinks continue to shift to the direction of "health", "natural" and "sugar free". Frost & Sullivan predicts that the five-year compound annual growth of sugar free tea in 2019-24 will reach 23%, and it is expected to account for 12% of China's tea beverage market in 2024.

It has been on the market for ten years, and the Oriental leaves of Nongfu mountain spring have been promoted for the first time

Recently, Nongfu Shanquan's sugar free tea brand "Oriental leaves" launched two new products for the first time - Green citrus Pu'er and xuanmi tea after 10 years of listing. It is reported that green citrus Pu'er adopts the high-quality Pu'er cooked tea fermented by Yunnan big leaf seed sun green tea, matched with Guangdong Xinhui Citrus Peel; At the same time, the natural water source of nongnongshan spring is used to extract the original tea to restore the freshly brewed flavor to the greatest extent, and the tea rhyme is mellow.

Oriental leaves green citrus Pu'er

Another xuanmi tea, with unique Chinese flavor, uses nongnongshan spring northeast fragrant rice as raw material and uses Japanese steamed green tea. The aroma of fried rice intersects with that of steamed Qinghai moss, so as to reduce the bitter taste of tea, make the tea soup fresh and thick, with a sweet aftertaste and no harm to the intestines and stomach.

Oriental leaf xuanmi tea

Yuanqi forest launches sugar free Roasted Oolong tea beverage

The "burning tea" of Yuanqi forest, a sugar free boss, has also launched a new oolong tea. The raw tea is roasted by slow fire for 3-5 hours, and the tea aroma is stronger. In addition, the new product is also rich in dietary fiber, which can not only relieve greasiness, but also help gastrointestinal digestion.

Yuanqi forest sugar free Roasted Oolong tea

Foreigners love "identity tea" sugar free jasmine tea

Xiaoyangren's love is about to launch a new fruit flavor tea product of "identity tea". The raw materials of real tea are extracted with fresh fruit juice to gather the dual taste experience of fruit tea. 0 sucrose, 0 fat, without adding any pigment and preservative, which is more in line with the health trend. The tea beverage produced by aseptic cold irrigation can ensure long-lasting tea aroma, bright color and nutrient retention.

Foreigners love "tea with identity"

Wangwang group laoweng bitter tea herbal tea beverage

Wangwang launched a bitter tea herbal beverage. In addition to Kuding and balsam pear, the product also contains eight kinds of natural herbs such as licorice, chrysanthemum, fairy grass, lotus seed, Pueraria and honeysuckle. Each ingredient has the effects of clearing the heart, reducing fire and relieving greasiness. It tastes slightly bitter and naturally returns to sweetness. In addition, Kuku tea also takes the hot "0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 card" tuyere to highlight the publicity of "zero energy and zero calories".

Wangwang old man bitter tea


"Sugar free" dairy products have become a new trend

With the improvement of public concern about healthy lifestyle, people gradually realize that excessive intake of free sugars over a long period of time may lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, dental caries, skin aging, diabetes and other diseases. Therefore, all kinds of food and beverage have launched sugar free series. In the field of yogurt, sugar free series products have become the choice of many consumers.

Hankou No. 2 plant promotes sugar milk tea and overweight milk tea

On March 11, Hankou No. 2 factory launched sugar controlled baby bottles - wheat refined flavor charcoal roasted milk tea, 0 sucrose, 0 vegetable fat powder and 0 trans fatty acid. The new product is specially added with molasses extract phentrine to strictly control calories and sugar. The GI value is lower than 55, stabilize the rising rate of blood glucose and bring a longer sense of satiety. At the same time, the new product also contains natural antioxidant tea polyphenols, hops with rich tea base, and thick milk, bringing a sense of multiple levels. At present, the new products have been put on shelves in offline stores such as KKV, 711 and HEMA, and will be sold online in the future.

Hankou No. 2 plant wheat refined flavor charcoal roasted milk tea

Yuanqi forest launches new Beihai pasture normal temperature yogurt

Its official account of WeChat has launched a new yogurt: LP28 yogurt in Beihai pasture. This product specially adds the patented ingredient lp28 obtained from pineapple juice fermentation, with a content of up to 20mg / piece. At the same time, the product has milk fragrance and smooth taste. The addition of 0 sucrose is conducive to body management. Beihai ranch is a new dairy brand under Yuanqi forest. Because its products focus on "sugar free" and "quality first", it quickly won the favor of consumers after entering the market. At present, the product can be purchased from Yuanqi forest wechat applet member store.

Beihai ranch lp28


Explosion of substitute sugar bubble water market

According to the forward-looking data, the overall market scale of domestic bubble water will be about 15 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 32 billion yuan by 2025. According to other data, the sales of bubble water in the Chinese market in 2018 increased by 43.9% year-on-year, much higher than the sales growth rate of 5% of ordinary mineral water.

Among them, the healthy carbonated alternative water dominated by flavor bubble water beverage has become more and more popular in recent years. According to Nielsen's omni-channel sales data, as of August 2019, the annual retail sales of flavor bubble water was $2.45 billion. Although its proportion in carbonated drinks was not high, it rose significantly.

Extra sugar free, Laoshan Cola promotes 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie soda

Once brilliant, Laoshan Cola has been in short supply. From 1980 to 1990, the annual production capacity reached 80 million tons, with more than 100 joint-venture manufacturers across the country. Qingdao's market share steadily accounted for more than 80% and was sold in many places throughout the country. Recently, Laoshan Cola launched a new sugar free version of cola. It has sweet taste, 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie, as well as the characteristics of adding dietary fiber.

Laoshan Cola 0 sugar 0 fat 0 calorie soda

Jianlibao fiber + sports drink, focusing on "Zero sugar and zero fat"

Jianlibao fiber + sports drink launched by Jianlibao. As a healthy and upgraded soda, the product focuses on the concept of "Zero sugar and zero fat", especially adds dietary fiber, and each bottle can meet about 40% of the daily dietary fiber needs of adults. The product can also quickly supplement electrolytes, breaking the unhealthy stereotype of carbonated drinks.

Jianlibao fiber + sports drink


Vitasweet - create a sweet life

Now, after 90 and 00, it has become the leading consumer group in the beverage industry. It is an iron clad fact that "those who get young people get the world". Therefore, beverage products also need to keep up with the trend and constantly upgrade to become younger and diversified. Throughout the beverage industry, consumers' choices of drinks are becoming more rational. High quality drinks have become the focus of attention of young consumers nowadays, especially consumers under COVID-19 this year pay more attention to physical health.

It is not difficult to predict that healthy and sugar free drinks will continue to develop in 2021 and become a major development trend in the future. For the beverage industry, a new round of wave and revolution of "sugar free movement" has been quietly staged.